MedTech Industry

Concept Generation

This is the creative first step in realising just what a product concept is going to look like, the form it is going to take, the shape, size and position of controls and actuators and how the touch-points for the human body will be sculpted. Usability Design Inputs are considered even at this early stage.

3D CAD Concept Modelling

Once our designers have finalised the concept realisation in sketch form they will build the concept using 3D CAD software. This enables each concept to be built accurately and also enables the internal mechanism/electronics concept to be accommodated and therefore initially validated within the space envelope. These 3D CAD models are then visualised to a high end photo-realistic image.

Usability Assessment Models

During concept generation phases we generate 3D sketch models which are sculpted by our designers to emulate their creative sketches. This is a crucial skill in the accurate capture and refinement of device/tool concepts which are to be used by the human body. Finally, when the 3D CAD concept is completed an accurate ‘white model’ will be produced from the 3D CAD data will physically present the concept form to our clients as they view the reality of how it will look.

Concept Refinement

Refinement is always required based on new Usability Design Inputs, newly identified issues and clinical feedback. Our next step is to take on board the new inputs and feedback and refine the chosen concept direction. This also is presented back to the same level of detail and it is this realisation which is pushed forward for further development.

Prototype Specification

Using 3D CAD we will fully engineer and specify the refined concept design for prototyping. This effectively is a very detailed process which is similar in many ways to full production specification. There are differences though which are mainly due to prototyping techniques and resources. We have partners in the prototyping arena who are world class and internationally renowned for the quality and accuracy of their deliverables.

Prototype Production & Management

Whether you need 1 off or 100 off we can deliver. Our clients experience a total hassle free prototyping service because we manage the entire process in a seamless manner which delivers exemplary prototypes. We demand the utmost quality and cost effectiveness from our suppliers, they do not let us down and the results are visually accurate, beautifully finished and fully functional prototypes.

Testing & Iteration

This is what prototyping is all about, to uncover problems, identify refinements and make iterations which solve all the negatives discovered. Nothing is as valuable as a prototype in the hands of an expert user as they will quickly and accurately define what is wrong and what is right. We can very quickly make these iterations to get a refined prototype back in the hands of that expert. Our prototyping service is not just rapid, it is comprehensive and always human centred.